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        Tel: 0086-15906242070

        CONTACT US

        Zibo Headquarter 
        Tel : 86-15906242070
        Fax: 86-0533-7787288
        Email :
        Add :Zhutai Industry Park, Linzi Zone, Zibo City(Chemical

        Center of China), Shangdong Province, China

        COPYRIGHT ? 2018  Zibo Quansen Water Purification Technology Co.,Ltd                                                                                 鲁ICP备17045793号     Powered by:www.300.cn


        Papermaking retention and filteration aid polyacrylamide

        Cationic polyacrylamide

        Anionic polyacrylamide

        Quansen applied to coal, gold and

        silver ore, lead-zinc, aluminum...

        Quansen provides paper applications polyacrylamide products used as...

        Quansen product selection and

        process optimization for specific... 

        Quansen  has been committed to the research and development of oil...

        Superabsorbent polymer mixed fertilizer

        to the soil, after absorbing water as the...

        Zibo Quansen Water Purification Technology Co.,Ltd was founded

        in 2013. Located in Zhutai Industry Park, Lizi Zone, Zibo City(Che-

        mical Center of China), Shangdong Province, China.Being integrated

        with research, production, sales, and service, Quansen is a high-tech

        professional manufacturer of polyacrylamide with annual production

        capacity of 20,000 tons including full series of anionic...


        quansen new product for papermaking
        How to make express packaging "green" up?
        A cardboard box, a plastic bag, a large number of bubble filling materials, a number of tapes, an air waybill, and the parcel were unpacked. Ms. Hu took out the shoes purchased online and tossed the r
        Multifunctional paper additives
        Talking about Our Country Water Supply Treatment Technology
        With the rapid development of the economy, a large amount of untreated industrial wastewater and domestic sewage are discharged into water bodies, causing serious pollution of water bodies and damagin


        Quansen is aiming at and leading to preserve Environment in the world for the future generation.


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